• one of my schoolmates:   harry potter is for children
    • me:   wingardium levifuckyou
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    Hey, don’t be sad. Pete Wentz gave you a shout out on Twitter.


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    The American collegiate system in one gif set

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  2. best-of-imgur:

    My buddy is an NFL running back. His kids dressed as Flash and Batman to fight him dressed as Bane.

  3. best-of-imgur:

    I know that feel, little bird. ˡ ᵏᶰᵒʷ ᵗʰᵅᵗ ᶠᵉᵉᶫ


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  4. ladydarkwolf:


    Charging the cat

    The eyes are green. It’s charged. Please unplug your cat.

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  5. deardeerling:

    do you ever just use an emoticon or phrase ONCE and then all of a sudden it makes up 99% of your daily vocabulary

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  6. jpgay:

    *turns into a tree to avoid responsibilities*

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    My Funny Pictures #NewPost [16]

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